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This site is going through transformation. . .


The original plan for an arts center stemmed from abundance of interest and ability in various creative pursuits, including the arts and trades. This also included the quest of the depth and breadth of our influence over this living art of atoms in front of our faces, thus Sumari Living Arts instead of a regular multi-art center.

Sumari Living Arts are about creative expression in many forms including creatively embracing our natural multidimensionality. Enjoying this sensual physical experience, realizing we are also so much more than the linear, locked-in idea of life, and living our expansion into more of ourselves.


We had already created many art ‘centers’ as far as areas at the house and downtown shop for different creative expression, creation and construction, modification, and customization, both 3D and digital. There was also an extensive library on expansion of consciousness and related explorations. We had more tools and resources than we could use and the natural inclination was to share these with others of creative bent.


It is fun to be around other creative people. The biggest reason of course is it’s heavenly to watch people unfold into their expression. It’s a beautiful thing to be around others who are living this way, enjoying life and allowing themselves to expand into the new idea and bring it forth.

where did that big vision thing go?

The Big Vision evolved into an ambitious project incorporating many aspects of creative expression and ways to support itself in style and then some. It has its own page there now. Anyone interested in constructing such a project using that outline is encouraged to do so of course, and since putting this out there we have seen some physical spaces created with some of these same sorts of ideas – great minds think alike. ;)

where did the old site go??

Fine haha the old index page is here: Sumari Living Arts

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