The Project Vision

We explore and nurture consciousness and the mind - body - spirit connection through classes, seminars and retreats in the arts and personal development in a serene, back-to-nature setting.

Join us for classes in dance, metal work or calligraphy, a morning meditation in the gardens, a weekend of creativity coaching, or a workshop on etiquette.

Businesses will enjoy our resort-quality accommodations for corporate retreats, wherein we can provide an ideal inspirational setting away from the office so you can focus on developing a particular project or expansion in a new direction. We can offer privacy with the option of yoga, meditation, and/or coaching in creativity or building customer relationship skills.

Organizations can partake of our bunk-style quarters for "campier" get-togethers and enjoy our meditation intensives, explore our classes, or design a program specifically for your group.

Local and visiting artists looking for a quiet nook of inspiration will enjoy our cabin-style individual studios, while those looking for more interaction may prefer our creative community hall with individual work spaces.

We have a professional fine art gallery for the most distinguished works with museum-quality lighting.

Everyone will enjoy a browse through our gift shop featuring crafts created by member artisans and supplies for your own artistic endeavors.

We have a state-of-the-art facility for the digital arts including website development and other interactive media, and we work complementarily with local educational facilities and existing organizations in the arts for programs and further study.

We also offer an additional networking database with non-local experts who can be brought in for seminars specific to their fields.

The entire project has been developed as environmentally friendly and sustainably as possible, including rammed earth buildings and thermal/solar heating and cooling, water harvesting systems, and gray-water oases for the indoor and outdoor gardens.

The main support staff lives on-premise as an extended family, ever-present examples of mindful interconnected living.

We have a greenhouse and organic gardens which are, along with the eco-architecture and sustainability focus, also incorporated into classes and workshops for the benefit of our local and extended communities.

If you want to help make this vision into reality

Please contact us and let us know how you would like to contribute. Donations are welcomed as are skilled professionals in many fields, as you might guess. Even if your field is not mentioned here, if this vision sings to you and you would like to participate please let us know.

Location, location

If you have a large amount of land to contribute in an ideal location, you may just have found the home of the first Sumari Livings Arts Center.

When the first one is established and recognized as a beneficial asset to its region, additional Centers will be created in other locations.







The Art



Strawberry Sauce by Saige

Strawberry Sauce by Saige



Metal Work
Digital Arts
Creative Writing
The WWWeb

Personal Development:

Social Graces
Inside-Out: Your Focus of Attention
Living in Synchronicity
Public Speaking
Finding Your Passion
Following Your Passion
Creating Serenity & Inspiration in the Home
The Inner Senses


Creativity Coaching
Using Both Sides of Your Brain
Business Etiquette
Building Customer Relationship Skills
Creating Serenity & Inspiration at the Office
The Importance of Play
(how to be better at everything by doing Not Your Best at something fun)