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Quantum Physics

"Quantum mechanics also offers us a most amazing conundrum to grapple with: that this shaky ground that is alive with activity is full of possibility and probability... until you observe something, until you see it as matter, it remains as a set of possibilities. It means that life, at its deepest, quantum level, may really be made up of fuzziness, uncertainty and probability. Life, at its deepest level, is really a whole universe of 'what ifs', a whole ground of being that is ready to burst with possibilities.
Excerpt from "The Skin of Living Thought" by Dena Ellery

Deliberately Creating Our Experience

We are all creating our own experience, even many things we've been taught are outside of our control. Much of the time this is done without realizing we're doing it. Our expectations, definitions and beliefs, combined with our focus of attention and feeling/vibrational state actually combine to line us up with the version of reality we encounter energetically. These physical molecules you see before your eyes? All yours. Perception actually works inside --> out.

There is much to be said about deliberate creation. An introduction can be found in the Sparkives under a file named Tell Me More: Creating Reality-- Truly Inspirational.



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