We are One, and we are One.

This is a work in progress, like we all are, so to speak-- an expanding adventure.

We ~are~ Spirit, having a physical adventure

So many spiritual paths try to tell people the physical is bad or less-than, or at the very least we need to get out of it or won't truly be happy until we are. However, we remember we chose to come here to this focused experience on purpose, for the experience and adventure of it. Returning to nonphysical is simply going to take us 'back' to where we were when we started. The idea is not to get out of here and go back there-- the idea is to bring a little more of there here. Remembering more of who we are from time to time can broaden one's perspective.

One thing is for certain, the Sumari really groove with nature. Fresh air and sunshine are not distractions, they are part of what drew us here. Take a quiet walk through our gardens or join us for morning meditation.

Channelled Information

((Sumari quotations from Seth and Elias))

"You can always get there by simply knowing you are going to get there," say The Brothers. "There is no thing you cannot do."







The Art



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